The “Secret” Airbnb Credit Card

Hey I'm Adam Jusko from ProudMoneycom and in this video I'm talking about Airbnb and its credit-card situation or maybe lack of a credit card situation

So I was thinking to myself today that Airbnb seems like sort of a prime candidate to have its own credit card, and, at the moment at least, it does not have its own credit card That obviously would be very popular with a lot of people I sort of think of Airbnb as sort of getting into

sort of being the ultimate hotel chain because you've got such a huge network of places to stay I know I like to stay with Airbnb, probably more so than hotels when I go on vacation, so that's something that would be sort of popular with me and obviously many other people as well So on that thought

I was thinking about it, and I thought "you know what? there already sort of is an Airbnb credit card" But most people don't think of it as that and a lot of people don't even know that it exists And that card is the Uber Visa, which gives you 3% cash back on your Airbnb purchases

And that's just one of the perks, obviously, since it's called the Uber Visa, it has other things going on as well But if you are interested in an Airbnb credit card and wish there was one, the Uber Visa is one that you should really be looking at, because it's going to give you a 3% reward on your Airbnb purchases Now, considering it's the Uber Visa, there obviously are other perks as well And one of the biggest ones is you get a 4% rebate on your dining purchases, which is top of the market in terms of credit cards that offer rebates on dining So those are two big things right off the bat

You also get 3% cash back on other hotels that you stay at as well as airfare And, in addition to Airbnb, if you use things like VRBO or HomeAway to stay at vacation rentals when you travel, those also would get you a 3% You also get 2% on your online purchases, and this includes Uber and it includes streaming services like Netflix and that sort of thing, but that also includes 2% on your standard ecommerce purchases as well Anything else that you buy with the Uber visa you are going to get 1% cash back There's no annual fee so that also is a big selling point here

You're getting all these rewards that you can't get in too many other places and you don't have to pay an annual fee The Uber Visa is in our Top 10 List of credit cards that you'll find on ProudMoneycom, so we have put a link to that down below, if you want to find that whole list But this one is right up there as well the only thing I would say about this card is that with the Airbnb reward and all the other rewards you get, it's maybe TOO good of a card

in the fact that you have to wonder if it gets too popular, if they will have to scale back some of the rewards that they are offering right now Because it is a pretty generous reward card So if you are into Airbnb and you are looking for the Airbnb credit card that does not exist yet, the Uber visa is your best option, especially if you want a card that is a no annual fee card

So, thanks for watching Please go to ProudMoney & please subscribe below to get more videos on credit cards and other things in the personal finance world and check out our website Thanks for watching Take care

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