Thiru Vignarajah for Baltimore City State’s Attorney Announcement Video

When they took Sean's life I thought mine ended too He was twelve years old

I was afraid he would be another statistic on the six o'clock news Thiru is the reason that did not happen He got justice for us- not on a street corner but in the courtroom I've worked tough cases for twenty years Thiru always wanted police to be at their best and reminded us no one's above the law

He's the best prosecutor this city has ever seen We need him now more than ever My parents came to Baltimore fleeing a civil war where tens of thousand would be killed They had two hundred dollars in their pockets and two infants in their arms I was three years old when they crossed an ocean in search of a better life

Baltimore gave them a chance It was here they found jobs as teachers, public schools for their kids, and a place to call home Thiru's parents taught him by example the meaning of public service His mom was a teacher at Poly and Morgan State, his dad at Emerson and Western, Digital Harbor, and Douglass Thiru went from Edmondson Heights and Woodlawn High to Yale College and Harvard Law School

He was editor of the Harvard Law Review, a Supreme Court clerk, a city and federal prosecutor, the Deputy Attorney General of Maryland, and a partner at the largest law firm in the world At each step he's been driven to do one thing- to make better the city that made him The fate of my family has been tied to the future of Baltimore from before I was born but the Baltimore my parents once imagined for me is today a city in crisis Policies of mass incarceration and zero tolerance have made us worse not better So we have to face facts- Baltimore is not the greatest city in America anymore but it can be

We have anchors of faith, commerce, and education, and a history that reminds us that after turmoil we heal, that from ashes we rebuild and a city whose citizens know that it is often darkest before the dawn But if Baltimore is to become the city it is destined to be then we have to solve the problem of crime and the State's Attorney has to lead the charge, not stand in the way On my watch we're going to bring record breaking homicide rates to record lows and we're going to do it at record speed At the same time we're going to forge the most innovative, transparent, progressive prosecutor's office in the history of the country For too long too many have said those ambitions are incompatible

I have come to believe the exact opposite- that without one we can not achieve the other Our city, our citizens deserve both Before I took an oath as a prosecutor, I made a pledge as a little boy I took that pledge every day, I pledged allegiance to a flag, to a people united, to one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all Justice for all, not justice for some

Justice for all Because everyone has a right to be safe on every street, in every neighborhood, at every hour So if you think enough is enough, that this has to end and it has to end now, then this isn't just my campaign it's your campaign too Come join us

Source: Youtube

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