Thor 3 – Tag der Entscheidung: Mid-Credit-Szene erklärt | Thor läutet Infinity War ein

Thor 3 days of the decision is the penultimate film in front of the Infinity War After Black Panther fight the Avengers against Thanos will finally begin

will not be without this fight, already shows us the Mid-credit scene from Thor Third What can we take from it and the Thor film itself about Infinity War, learn it in this video Caution: Spoiler alert for Thor 3 days of the decision The Mid-credit scene we see Thor and Loki aboard their vessels, with which they want to bring Asgard to Earth residents Loki asks himself is whether it would be so good for him, To reboot to the earth, he there but for catered tidy anger in Avengers While the two talk, emerged a huge shadow over the Brdern on The camera turns and we see a riesengroes, threatening spaceship! What does that mean? We can even go out very strongly that it is in this space ship around the Ship of Thanos is, which is on the way to earth to the remaining Infinity Stones pick up

Possibly it could also just to its vanguard, acting BlackOrder, but more likely it's more then that it is the Titans Thanos himself In the comics his spaceship even such a huge monster (Shrek gag was about Compensation) And there here Sanctuary In the MCU so far here in which we Thanos sit on his throne only the asteroid field, saw But as a verrckter titanium needs to do a different means of transportation and the we bullet Could Thornburg 3 now got the first time to face

What does this tell us about Avengers: Infinity War? We know that Thanos is looking for the Infinity Stones When similar as Thor and his people, is on its way to Earth, knnte under others mean that he already has two of the six stones in his possession We recall two of the stones are in the universe, the remaining four are on earth The ther has the Collector in his possession The Orb, the stone of power, guarding the Nova Corps on Xandar

On his way to Earth Thanos knnte possibly these two stones already in his possession brought Why do we assume? Well, we think of the Infinity War-trailer, which unfortunately so far only on major events was shown: There you can see how Thor slams suddenly on the spaceship of the Guardians That is, he must have delivered a fierce battle with Thanos Perhaps it his spaceship and the last inhabitants of Asgard was even destroyed And Thanos, who has the power of two Infinity stones so knnte quite fr have caused a lot of chaos

Pictures from the Infinity War trailer explain also another open question from Thor 3: What happens to the Tessarakt which supports in Odin's treasure? After the Asgard completely destroyed at the end of Thor 3, is the fate the Tessarakts uncertain In the film we see Loki though, as he passes it, but not if he also pocketed him Infinity War trailer we see Loki with the Tessarakt on Earth Loki has therefore taken the Infinity Stone The knnte mean well that Loki once again verrt his brother

Maybe he is a deal with Thanos and helps him on this, the Infinity Stones to find Earth There are always three if we the outside the Tessarakt even let it: The time Stone has Doctor Strange, thought Stone still emblazoned on his forehead and the Visions Soul stones perhaps knnte be in Wakanda After all, the Black Order will also attack there, according to the comics So maybe we'll see the missing sixth infinity stone until Black Panther How did you Thor 3 like it? Are you looking forward forward to Infinity War? Write us in the comments

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