Todays Mortgage Problem

Hi, my name is Joe gallo, I'm a mortgage loan officer out here in the state of, Arizona You probably see my dog angel right there, but it's nice outside So I thought it'd stay I just wanted to be the first to tell you that we have a problem the problem is lack of education in the mortgage industry for consumers it really falls into two places actually it falls on the consumer and Then I'll accept guilt on all of us loan officers it falls on our part, and I'll tell you how so for the consumer Stop assuming what you need for a mortgage go and talk to A mortgage loan officer and get prepared for when you're ready to buy this house whether it be in six months 12 months 18 months at least have a starting point and then refine it from there Because you don't want to be one month away from your lease scratching your head only one of my house And now you can't do it because you're out of time secondly on the loan officer We hang around a lot of loan officers or people in the industry like Realtors And so we understand what things like DTI and LTV mean or D you Where you're not gonna know that if we start talking to you about that So basically my goal is to bring it all the way back to the basics all the way back We're gonna start at ground one and we're gonna start at the home buying process I'm gonna take you through a 9-step process Divided it into three more videos on how you can get prepared to buy your house And not have anything to worry about when it comes to sign the papers and get out of your lease Autumn line is I believe that education and communication are the keys to transparency and no one likes to be left out in the dark Please comment like share with anybody else That would be in need of watching these videos to come my contact information will also be listed below And I look forward to helping you guys out soon Thanks

Source: Youtube

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