Uber Credit Card Review

Hey I'm Adam Jusko from CreditCardCatalogcom and in this video I'm talking about the Uber Visa credit card

This is a credit card issued by a Barclaycard on behalf of Uber and it is chock-full of cashback opportunities in specific spending categories And this is sort of a pretty inspired credit card in the fact that Uber and Barclaycard obviously sort of had a target person in mind when they came up with these categories

because you can kind of see how they they go together So I'll tell you what the rewards are and you can see sort of what I mean You get four percent cash back on dining which is restaurants, bars, fast food and Ubereats of course

Three percent cash back on hotels and airfare and travel agencies and this includes Airbnb stays as well Two percent back on almost anything that you spend online so that includes e-commerce but it also includes things like Netflix and your subscription to Amazon Prime and of course it includes your Uber rides as well And then you get 1% back on anything else that you buy with this card So you think about that This is sort of aimed at your sort of twenty-something person, probably who's single, someone that eats out a lot, someone that, you know, likes to travel and is doing a lot of things online

is using Netflix, is an Amazon Prime customer, obviously likes to use Uber to get around as well So there's sort of a specific customer in mind Now obviously a lot of people like to do those things — we all like to eat, we all like to travel, or at least the majority of us do But you can see that this is sort of targeting a certain person that has sort of the means to do those things You know, at certain points in our lives we are more likely to go out to eat, maybe more likely to travel as well

So that's sort of who they are targeting In terms of other things about this card, there are no foreign transaction fees, so if you are traveling outside of the country that is a good thing, too A lot of credit cards charge you 3% on your purchases that you make outside of the US and this card will not In terms of the cash back you can actually use this card or use your rewards in multiple ways

You don't have to take straight cash You can use it for gift cards, and what Uber would probably rather you do is use it for Uber credits, which you can do by essentially transferring the points or cash back that you have to your uber app, and then paying that way for your Uber rides So that's pretty much it Like I said earlier, this is a pretty inspired credit card from Uber, real nice rewards, especially if you're someone that travels and eats out a lot So we would highly recommend it for most people

Please go to CreditCardCatalogcom for other credit card reviews and news and other good stuff too

Source: Youtube

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