University of Hertfordshire U.S. Loans Process

Looking ahead towards the end of June the University of Hertfordshire's application process for US

loans will open You will not need to send us anything before this point as long as you have completed your online FAFSA and included the University of Hertfordshire as one of your choices Subsidised loans are based on financial need and the federal government pays the interest on the loan whilst you are enrolled at University, at least half the time These subsidized loans are only able to be received for undergraduate students and the maximum amount of the loan you can borrow will be set by the government each year Unsubsidised loans are not based on financial needs and the interest on the loan begins accumulating as soon as the funds are disbursed

Importantly, however, both undergraduate and postgraduate students are able to receive unsubsidised loans These loans alone however, once cover the full cost of attending University and to top-up the funding you can apply for PLUS loan, Parent PLUS loan, a private loan – such as the Sallie Mae – or alternatively you can choose to finance yourself The maximum amount of loans you can apply for will depend on the cost of attendance at the University of Hertfordshire It is determined by various factors such as the program of study and year of study Don't worry though, we will email you to advise you when our application process is open

But in the meantime there are some things to consider and prepare for The first thing you need to do is to complete the US loans eligibility questionnaire which is where you will be presented with the total cost of attendance It is here that you can decide how much to borrow depending on the cost

To process your application you will need to provide us with the following information: a copy of your FAFSA, a copy of your direct loan MPN, a copy of your completed entrance counselling, and a copy of your passport photo page If you have applied for a plus or Parent PLUS loan we will also need your PLUS loan MPN, a copy of your completed credit check, and a copy of your completed PLUS loan entrance counselling Once we have received and processed your documents you will be sent a notification of student loan letter and an acknowledgement email As soon as we issue your letter you will be sent your CAS number Your notification of student loan letter will be delivered via courier to your home address and the original letter must be taken to your Visa interview when applying for a student Visa

We will be in touch before the start of the University of Hertfordshire's year offering you the right to cancel your upcoming federal loan disbursement, if you wish to do so, and along with this will send you a disbursement form You will need to complete the form with the details of your UK bank account number once you have received this It is important to also note all federal loans originated by the University of Hertfordshire will be dispersed in three equal installments throughout the academic year The funds will be paid firstly to your University's bank account from which the funds will be converted into GBP and the first of your tuition fees will be deducted from the outstanding University accommodation fees The remaining credit is then dispersed to your UK bank account using the details you provided on your disbursement form

If you need any help or have any questions please email us at usloans@hertsacuk We thank you for listening and watching and look forward to seeing you in September

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