UPDATE: Credit Earning Rate, Crystals,and Loot Boxes

Hey, everybody's red wolf here and today We'll go over last week's news on battlefront, too so over the past week there have been a lot of updates to Battlefront – the largest one that everyone's been wanting is the removal of the ability to purchase crates with premium currency and that was turned Off before the official release on November 17 crystals are no longer up for purchase So everyone will need to use credits to purchase crates in the press release they did say that the change was temporary So crystals will come back Eventually they have also said that they're working on cosmetic customization so maybe it will come back with that and only that They also decreased the cost of some of the heroes or all of the heroes by up to 75% Luke and Vader are now 15 thousand credits Chuy Palpatine and Leia are ten thousand credits and iDEN is five thousand credits You can easily unlock the all the heroes rather easily and as of recording this on the 19th I have unlocked all heroes, EA and dice have also said that change will be a constant in Battlefront 2 And they are looking at a way to adjust the leveling system of the classes to something a little bit more standard They also said they're working on a way to keep parties together when spawning in but didn't give any details on how or when that Will occur as for the credit earning rate? They have stated that 20% of your score is used to earn credits at the end of the match and are planning to have performance have a greater impact on your credits and therefore for your unlocks some thing to keep in mind with that is if that occurs there will be a Even larger gap between the skilled players and the bottom players Since the skilled players will be able to unlock items much faster than those having troubles to even get enough battle points for a hero I guess it's kind of a catch-22 Although in galactic assault carts don't give that big of advantage in my opinion Since they mostly just reduced the cooldown times and give a slight upgrade a good player with no cards or any of the unlocks will Always be a bad player even if they have everything in use, but I'll have a video on that later I did do a couple rounds to show that now that EA and dice have made changes there still won't be People who are pleased with those Mainly just because a loot crate's in general you can't please everyone I haven't found the system to be all that bad or even all that confusing yes It is different But games always try new techniques to make their game stand out Even though some of those techniques don't quite come off as they had planned and as for loot boxes It's not like in other games where items in the boxes are crystal specific So you don't need to spend actual money to get certain items Unlike games like Call of Duty over the past few years has always had guns that are way better in boxes locked behind premium currency Now that doesn't excuse EA and dice Because Activision did wrong for them that still means that both companies did wrong I'm just using that as an example as to the way I kind of look at loot boxes There's nothing that you can't get in the game with playing that you'll have to actually pay money for All in all these changes are a welcome addition and welcome change Especially the removal of the premium currency for now and I look forward to the future of the game We'll know the changes that EA and dice will be bringing to try to make things better I wanted to get this video out a little bit earlier But I do have a full-time job and a family and it is kind of hard to find sometimes They come downstairs to get the recording done I'm sorry for the delay

I'll try to get them out sooner I appreciate you guys for watching make sure hit that like subscribe notification button so that way and you know when new videos come up And I hope you have a great day as always I will see you in-game Other saturated Holy shit sounder 555 now Either okay We

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