Create a New Composition Decide any kind of setting you want You may choose your frame per second (fps) and duration File Import > File Choose any picture you have import Drag your picture to your layer panel I like to make my layer well organize So, I decided to rename my picture layer into wallpaper Create a text by selecting the T icon above your screen Type any text you want Select your text layer Press S at your keyboard for SCALE Adjust your text to look bigger so that you can see how it looks like Then, you select the SELECTION TOOL to move your TEXT to the middle of your preview screen I go to my EFFECTS & PRESET and type DROP SHADOW I click and drag the DROP SHADOW into my TEXT layer whenever you apply an effect, you may adjust its settings in the effects control above

There is no changes when you apply the effect Thats when you need to adjust the effect setting according to your desire adjust the DISTANCE to see how far the shadow appears behind your text Press S at your keyboard to come out SCALE and make your text size become smaller In this lesson, we will create FOUR text in one single preview Select your selection tool and drag your first text to the top left corner of your screen Select your FIRST TEXT LAYER and CTRL+D to DUPLICATE in order to create a NEW TEXT LAYER You DRAG the SECOND TEXT to the MIDDLE of your screen and RENAME IT Select your SECOND TEXT LAYER and DUPLICATE AGAIN to make a THIRD TEXT RENAME your THIRD TEXT LAYER Select your THIRD TEXT LAYER and press R for ROTATION Change the number to 180 degree DUPLICATE IT again and DRAG that FOURTH TEXT to the RIGHT of your screen Press R for ROTATION and change the number to 0 Rename it Before ZOOM IN to your TEXT, click every box of 3D LAYER in EACH LAYER RIGHT-CLICK your layer and create a NEW CAMERA make sure your preset is 35mm go to your CAMERA > TRANSFORM Select the STOP WATCH ICON on POINT OF INTEREST, POSITION and ORIENTATION make sure your KEYFRAME is at 0 SECOND in your timeline select your CAMERA LAYER and go to the CAMERA TOOL on TOP of the screen select it and choose TRACK Z CAMERA TOOL to ZOOM IN towards your text Press your MOUSE and MOVE IT FORWARD to create ZOOM IN EFFECT go back to the CAMERA TOOL ICON and choose TRACK XY CAMERA TOOL This XY CAMERA will let you move the camera top, bottom, left and right Use it to DRAG your camera to your FIRST TEXT Go to KEYFRAME 3 SECONDS and copy the DIAMONDS (CTRL+C) and you PASTE the DIAMONDS (CTRL+V) at your KEYFRAME 3 SECOND move your KEYFRAME to KEYFRAME 4 SECOND then you DRAG your TRACK XY CAMERA TOOL to your SECOND TEXT in your preview screen TWO NEW DIAMONDS will show up since there is no diamond at orientation, lets create a new diamond for it to fill up the empty space copy the new three diamonds and paste them at KEYFRAME 7 SECOND DRAG your TRACK XY CAMERA TOOL to your THIRD TEXT in your PREVIEW SCREEN (make sure at KEYFRAME 8 SECOND) change the ORIENTATION NUMBER to 180 degree copy the DIAMONDS again (CTRL+C) and paste them (CTRL+V) at your KEYFRAME 11 SECOND go to KEYFRAME 12 SECONDS and DRAG to your FINAL FOURTH TEXT to the right change back the orientation number from 180 to 0 degree copy the diamonds and paste them at KEYFRAME 15 SECONDS select ALL your DIAMONDS, RIGHT-CLICK > KEYFRAME ASSISTANT > EASY EASE PREVIEW to see the result select your CAMERA LAYER and select ALL the SHAPES in the timeline then, you go to your GRAPH EDITOR for adjustments ADD MOTION BLUR to ALL LAYERS and ENABLE the MOTION BLUR ICON to TURN IT ON

Source: Youtube

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