What a drone lawyer does

The types of drones or situations that I advise on are, firstly where we have existing clients who want to use drone technology in their business So that could be big commercial clients who are thinking – ‘Right, we have got dull, dirty, dangerous jobs, which either we could try to find people to do, or we have to pay people maybe a lot of danger money to go and do them, or in some situations actually they’re so dangerous that people die as a result of it

And actually do you know what, it’s much cheaper to get a drone and get them doing it’ So, great examples are search and rescue drones, that’s a brilliant example – so when big buildings are on fire or have collapsed, send in a drone rather than send in a search party You have just, hopefully, looked after your search party, also it’s a lot cheaper than getting other technology in there, it’s a great example Or, surveying electricity wires – not the most interesting of jobs Believe it or not, we’ve got clients who have got whole fleets of helicopters at the moment

They’re really expensive to have in place and to fly them all over the country to monitor these electricity wires However, again, drones are a great example Delivery is a really big thing, lots of our clients are thinking about that And then the other side of it is actually businesses which are seeing this as an industry that they don’t necessarily want to take advantage of in terms of using drone tech in their existing business, but they want to be producing the drones or producing tech which is attached to the drones And I’m going to do a little plug now for one of my favourite new clients which is a firm called Flock

These are two guys who were going to go into banking, and they decided not to go into banking – they decided to come up with a very smart idea which involves big data analytics, and it involves selling pay as you go insurance for drones It’s an app, on your phone, and just as you’re about to launch your drone you hammer in the postcode of where you’re going to fly and it gives you a real time price for your insurance policy You press a button, and then you buy it What a great example of two guys taking a new industry, and finding a tech solution to go with it

Source: Youtube

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