What are Some of the Diseases Caused by Asbestos? | Attorney Joe Williams

Let's talk about some of the diseases that exposure to asbestos can cause Hi

I'm Joe Williams I'm a mesothelioma and asbestos attorney in New York City and I can answer some questions for you as to the asbestos related diseases that are widely accepted in the medical and scientific community And these would be broken down into two types of diseases The first would be called 'scarring diseases' which are not cancerous diseases and the second are 'malignant diseases' which are a cancer process So the first two diseases I'll talk to you about is asbestosis and pleural plaque

Asbestosis is a fibrotic scarring of the inside of the lungs The doctors would call it the "parenchyma" or the "meat of the lungs" – a fibrotic scarring on the inside of the lungs which can cause a lot of disability It's not cancer, but it can be quite serious The next non-cancerous disease is known as "pleural plaques" and the pleura is a sack-like lining outside of the lung So if you think of sort of like a piece of saran wrap, that's the texture of the pleura

And the pleura can develop scarring from the asbestos fibers that a worker breathes in over the course of their life and on a CAT scan (or even sometimes on an x-ray) these show up as what's called pleural plaques Again, not cancer but can be serious With respect to the cancerous diseases, there's two that I want to focus on today The first is lung cancer and lung cancer is a cancerous tumor (a malignant tumor) in the meat of the lung, in the lung parenchyma And the second cancerous disease caused by asbestos that I want to focus on today – and it's certainly the most important asbestos related disease because of the severity of it – is malignant mesothelioma

And malignant mesothelioma of the pleura is a cancerous tumor that grows on the pleural surface that I described a moment ago — that saran wrap like sack that surrounds the outside of the lung And this malignant mesothelioma tumor grows in a diffuse pattern If you think of the rind of a grapefruit, sometimes people think of a cancerous tumor as what we call like a 'golf ball tumor' Malignant mesothelioma doesn't grow in that way, it's more of a diffuse pattern like the rind of a grapefruit And it's caused by exposure to asbestos

Now I'm sure you have many other questions about the disease pattern and the diseases caused by asbestos and we can answer those questions I'm Joe Williams and every day at our firm we handle cases for mesothelioma victims and their families and we can certainly answer your questions and we'd be happy to do that I hope you found this video informative and I thank you very much for watching

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