What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

What does a Personal Injury Lawyer do? Well, in other words, what’s the point in hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer? I want to answer this question by talking about what you may not understand a Personal Injury Lawyer actually does and get a window into what we do on a daily basis for our clients Hi

I am Ted Spaulding I’m an Atlanta Personal Injury trial lawyer here at the law firm at Boling Rice So we all know a personal injury lawyer is They’re to advocate for their client who’s been injured by the negligence of another party Ultimately a personal injury lawyer should be a trial lawyer who is willing to try case to a client’s peers

So we know that What often times is not discussed and quite frankly often is missed by lawyers in the industry, because of the business aspect of running a firm, is clients need someone who can be there to answer questions for them, be there to listen to them as they’re going through tough times, to be there through the ups and downs Often times we are with a client for years while we are prosecuting their claim or case We get to know them on a personal basis I have become friends with many of the clients that I have represented over the years

Still stay in touch with them I learn about them and their family All these things that ultimately are for the legal side of being a personal injury lawyer which is advocating for your client but it’s really there to help the client feel better, let them get the treatment that they need, focus on those things Take a lot off of their shoulders so that they’re not stressing as much about this part of their life, which is the claim that they’re prosecute to receive the compensation that they deserve for losses that they have And so often times what I joke with folks about is I’m half lawyer and half psychologist but there is a lot of truth in that

I am there I get to know this clients intimately, the struggles that they’re having I’m there to just listen to them It’s quite frankly the part that I love the most about my career is being there to meet new people, learn about them, become friends with them and help them through a difficult part of their life This is a part that a lot of people don’t realize that personal injury lawyers are there for and it’s really the most satisfying part of being a personal injury lawyer

If you have a question about your particular situation, feel free to reach out to me You can do that in two ways One is through our website at wwwbolingriceatlantacom

There is a contact form that you can fill out or you can call me directly that at (770) 744-0780 Thank you for watching this video

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