What If the Insurance Company Offers A Low Settlement? Nashville Personal Injury Attorney Explains

– We're with John Whitfield John is a personal injury attorney in Nashville

And he's agreed to answer an online question This was posted by Barbara She's asking about what she does if the insurance company offers basically a low-ball settlement And here's her question Barbara asks, "My mother was hit by "a distracted driver two weeks ago "on her way to the grocery store

"The insurance company was quick to offer "a settlement, but I really don't think "it'll cover all her expenses "What could we do?" – Well, thanks Barbara In order to answer that question, really what you need to understand are two things The first thing is that insurance is designed to cover people that are involved in accidents, to cover their medical bills, to cover their pain and suffering, to cover any future medical bills they may have, or any lost wages they may have That's the whole purpose of insurance

But in reality, it's a little bit different In reality, insurance companies are out to make money We all understand that, that's nothing unusual about that But that's a fact And so if insurance companies are out to make money, then they're going to give you more often than not, a potential settlement that doesn't adequately take care of those needs I just talked about

Pain and suffering, medical bills, future medical bills, all those things There's a whole litany of different things that you're entitled to So, knowing that, it's very frequent, very common, that you have situations where the insurance company will come in with claims made, and try to make a very quick settlement, so that you'll take it It won't take care of the needs that you have but it satisfies their need of making money, because quite honestly, insurance companies are out to give the lowest settlement that they can to protect their bottom line So, when you know that, here's what you can do

You can go back to the insurance company after the low-ball settlement is made, and say, "look, wait a minute, "this doesn't make sense to me "I've got $10,000 dollars of medical bills, "you're only offering five" Everything is negotiable with insurance companies But be careful when they come to you right after the accident, because again, they have their interests, not yours, they've got their interests involved of trying to get you to take a low settlement So go back to 'em

Talk to 'em and say, talk to the adjuster, and say, "I don't really wanna have to go see a lawyer, "but I will, but I'd like to get this resolved "if I can "So here's my counter offer "My counter offer is X" And whatever it is And then from there you can have a give and take and you can go through everything that you need to do, and try to come up with a number that you think is appropriate

If you can't do that, and if the insurance company decides that they're just not gonna work with you, you can hire a lawyer Okay But there's no need for a lawyer at this point Go see the insurance company yourself Call 'em yourself

Call the adjuster yourself and negotiate with them because, everything in these situations are negotiable That's what I would do – Excellent Well if you have any other questions for John, he's agreed to answer 'em online Just post your comments to the comment section below, and he'll get back to you

– Absolutely – Thanks for your time, John – You're very welcome

Source: Youtube

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