What is Mesothelioma? An Explanation and Safety Message

gritty urban saga want to make a video about a subject that I had been wondering about for a while a lot of people probably wondering about this it's called mesothelioma a rare form of cancer to effects are not experts diagnosed in three thousand do people each year so that's still a lot of people say it's rare when you millions of people doesn't mean it's very rare is just a lot of people in america so 3,000 people or diagnose but this each year and it's a former cancer and that develops self the mesothelium which is outlining that Tex a lot of the organs and body so it's not just long lot of people think it's just that's just the most common place because the way that most people get this is from a spot exposure to asbestos so people are living in older housing if you don't know if your housing is up to code rehab suspicions Stephanie good idea to check in these things because prolonged exposure exposure to asbestos put you at risk for this and has symptoms ovett and there's normally shortness of breath on there's oddest things that you can Caddesi like unexplained weight loss this this few treatments for chemotherapy of course radiation I times surgery but overall it's basically a very bad diagnosis at something better pretty much in most cases turns out to be doubly so just definitely itself looked at if you think miami's issues and also do some research your housing situation make sure the gather clear this because it's something that affects people so as wanna make a video about this cuz I've wondered about it for a long time and I just never got around looking into it I think it would be very interesting news and very helpful for some people to get diagnosed earlier possibly touchable there so that's what to say prettier than soccer

Source: Youtube

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