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One of the most important aspects of our cases is looking at the occupational exposure of our clients However, there are many, many clients that also just had exposure by working on their homes

For example, we have individuals, clients of ours who performed construction work, residential construction work on their houses, rebuilding living rooms, bedrooms, using drywall and they did this repeatedly for years and years and years unknowingly be exposing themselves to asbestos products while working on their own home So, whether is occupational exposure, which is, of course, you have many, many individuals individuals in the Navy and the Army, military exposure from work There, as well, as in the steel yard, iron workers, welders, many other individuals who while working in their job on a day-to-day basis, were using asbestos products That's one on the occupational and then you also have the residential exposure as I mentioned Both groups of individuals were exposed on a daily basis, regularly to asbestos products to my clients who are new and are not sure questioning whether they may have been exposed it's very, very important when you get your chest X-ray, the scarring of the lungs due to asbestos fibers, will

once we know, once we have a "B" read conducted from your chest X-ray, we will be able to identify if that exposure was due to asbestos fibers, whether your lung cancer, or possible asbestosis, was due to asbestos exposure It's very important that individuals that believe they used asbestos products to go ahead and get screened, because what you know now being able to go ahead and get the screening done will allow you to take preventive action and you may potentially have been exposed and then he can go ahead and contact us and that we can start investigating your case It's better to always know every aspect of your health, especially if you were exposed to asbestos fibers at any point in your life, especially as a young working in any of the industries where asbestos fibers will prevail it

It's very important to go ahead and go see your doctor, get screened just to be aware of how you're doing health-wise

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