why public jails are better than private jails – gotbailnick school

– I think the analogy that when they go to Arizona, all these bad things happen The exact same bad things happen here at the state for twice the price

– No, not at all, not at all – Things at both – Yeah, but it's not, – There's still drugs at both – Yeah, not at all, there's still, – Contraband, there's still both at both There's both at both

There's both at both Why are private jails so bad? When they save the taxpayer basically thousands of dollars for doing the exact same thing? – You save me a lot more money by shooting every person You would save, – That's absurd to say that That's not a solution – Why is it absurd to say that? But it's not but it's not absurd to say, "Send them far away from everyone they know, move them from their kids, move them family where they only get to talk to them by video

" That's not absurd? To me that's, – Both are absurd – as absurd – If not more so – Oh no, no, no, no Both are absurd but the idea that you just shoot people is, of course, way more absurd – I don't know man

You know, when we were in law school, we had a Supreme Court justice come to our school And, he said something along the lines of, "Would you rather live in the center of hell or, would you rather live in a suburb of hell?" – Both are hell – Both are nonsense comparisons, so you can make a comparison where both are absurd And say, "One's a better absurdity"

It doesn't mean that's the solution, by saying, "Well, the alternative is to just hang everybody" – So, would you rather have there be a larger prison to hold all the people that we ship to Arizona? Why don't we start working on the idea that at some point they're going to get out? And when they get out, they're going to be back in society And when they're back in society, they need to be rehabilitated, to some degree Whether it's to be a mover, or whether it's to be a repairman of some sort or, whether it's to be someone with some sort of education

Who got some sort of learning when he was inside Why don't we operate to that degree, rather than thinking, "Why don't we just ship them off, bring them back wait till they re-offend, and then ship them off again"? That's the real issue We take the money that we should be saving and instead put those people back in society after they get the training that they need How many prisons do we have? Why don't we just turn one into a drug treatment centre? How many need drug treatment? – A large majority

– So why isn't Waiawa 100% drug treatment? – That's a good question – Why is OCCC 50% drug treatment, with the other 50% people waiting to get out? Why do you have to wait for a judge to order you to go to drug treatment? When we know, coming in, that the guy might elect to go to drug treatment with the idea that he can show the judge later, "I've already started" (slow-paced electronic music)

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