Working for Health Insurance

There is one particular scenario that bothers me on a personal and professional level more than mostly anything else, and that is when I hear people suggest that they are holding back on their retirement because of health care I'll hear something like "I wish I could retire right now, but I need health care through work

" Or I'll hear "I'd love for my husband to retire but we lose our healthcare benefits" This bothers me to the core! At what point did we become a society that has become so dependent on employer health coverage that we are seemingly forced to work just to maintain it? This is particularly true for those who haven't yet reached the age of 65, the age at which most people qualify for Medicare The good news is that the solution to this challenge is usually easily obtained Since Dolphin Financial Group focuses on retirement planning, we have interwoven health care planning into our process This means we help our clients plan for healthcare costs and also help them coordinate actual health care options at every stage of their retirement

This could mean helping choose a Medicare plan, a long-term care plan, or even a major medical plan for those not yet on Medicare Just because Medicare starts at age 65, that doesn't mean your retirement has to start at age 65! Health care should be viewed as a standalone benefit just like anything else in retirement We can and do help people obtain their health insurance plans even if they're only 59 years old and just retired Just because your employer coverage is conveniently taken out of your paycheck, and maybe it's subsidized by your employer, that doesn't mean you can't get coverage elsewhere Knowledge is the key to overcoming this all-too-common obstacle

Knowing your health care options during the various stages of your retirement is a critical piece of your comprehensive retirement plan Oftentimes, our clients find out that the options aren't as expensive or limited as they thought If you're planning your retirement and haven't factored in health care options and costs, you're doing yourself a disservice Don't get caught in the trap of working for the sake of insurance! Give Dolphin Financial Group a call and let us help you build the comprehensive retirement plan you need to realize your dreams in retirement

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