You Can’t Shake Me | Lawyer

When I was a very young adult, I had been breaking rules, but they were cultural rules and they were ones I didn't believe in One day, in conversation with my father, he just turned to me and said, "I could just kill you, it would be easier

" Knowing in that moment there wasn't very much I could do about it, it solidified in me that something needs to be done Law to me, is a set of rules that applies to everyone It's equally a set of rights that apply to everyone And my job is to help them access that With civil litigation or if you're working with businesses or dealing with real estate, I find it intense, I find it engaging, I find it exciting to go to court

Being involved in a lawsuit, it can be stressful, the point of putting pressure on everything is that the truth will withstand it In the practice of law, my strength is my ability to talk to people You need to understand your clients, understand what the issue is They need to know that you're on their side no matter what I thought I was waiting to join a law firm someday because I thought I couldn't have my own law practice

I thought I didn't know how to run a law firm And at the end of the day, when I had the choice between joining an existing structure or creating my own based on what's in me, I chose building my own One of the things I learned about myself in practicing law is as intense as it can get, you can't shake me Fears come up, but I know from experience that the way to deal with your fear is to step into it, and lead with your heart I had to step into my fear every day for years

And that's why you can't shake me I've seen myself setting an example for what rules don't have to apply, and that there is a choice It doesn't even matter what you do, it just has to be something more than nothing You just have to get started

Source: Youtube

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