“Your only insurance is your daily wage” | “ديتك يوميتك”

“Your only insurance is your daily wage” “Prayers upon the prophet, prayers upon the prophet” The son of an officer is an officer and the son of a minister is a minister

That’s how it all works, you see? They want the same for us: the son of a craftsperson to be a craftsperson He can't be anything else Nobody looks out for the craftsperson, even though they are the backbone of the society we live in Anyone today doing anything at home needs a craftsperson What rights does the craftsperson get from the state? Nothing

Unfortunately, this job doesn't include insurance If we attempt to get insurance, the Insurance Bureau gives us a hard time And, anyway, sometimes we can't pay the insurance payments for a simple reason: We may spend three or four months at home without any work A man like me, I work as hard as anyone else in the state, maybe harder Then, ma'am, if I were to stay home, nobody would give me a penny, and neither would the state

Some people we work for make us feel like we're the lowest class of all One feels like, pardon me, an insect You understand what I mean? An insect They think craftspeople are slaves So we are, as they say, "an ant's protest,” Meaning we are of no worth

Why? I don't know Once, in school, my daughter's friend told her, “Your father is a plumber" Of course, that upset her I told her, “Honey, I don’t do anything shameful" "I am the same as a doctor, or as anyone else in the world

" When I write on my national ID card that I'm a craftsperson, that reflects on my son or daughter When I try to enroll them in any good place, they find them unsuitable Because their father's ID card says he is a craftsperson My son works with me and, at the same time, I am getting him off the street Egyptian streets now are full of problems At least I'm teaching him a job that could be of use to him

I see it with my own eyes, ma'am: people with college degrees who can't find work Should I wait for my son to sit like them on the street waiting for work? I'm teaching him a craft he can earn his bread from in the future so he doesn’t dependent on the state The state doesn't employ anyone Our country doesn't give us a chance If a young man has ambition, they step on him

Then, for example, a young man travels abroad and gets an opportunity, so he succeeds Why don't we help him succeed in our country? And raise our country's status? Today, anyone working in the state, whether employed in the government or the private sector, they have access to hospitals, insurance and medical coverage from the state or from the company they're working for If one of us falls off a rope or gets injured on the job, nobody looks out for them, not even the client We've spent, say, more than 10 years now demanding that the state pass a law in favor of informal workers in Egypt The number of informal workers in Egypt exceeds, according to the state's statistics, 17 million

I think bringing up this issue at this time is just publicity for the elections We hope that a law in favor of informal workers is passed The statements I read when they first started discussing this project indicate that this is just publicity for the elections The Ministry of Manpower has special funds that contain billions of pounds paid by informal workers on a periodic basis: when they apply for ID cards, or pay the membership fees for a syndicate under the state’s jurisdiction So, what I think is more important than the law that might be passed in the coming days, is that the state uses these funds to do something for informal workers

Because the infamous saying used by engineers and contractors with regards to informal workers is, “Your only insurance is your daily wage,” which is LE120 Times have changed now for craftspeople and for society-at-large If the craftspeople is not working, then society is not working That's the last thing I'll say

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